ClubFEM® Southeast Florida is a private, exclusive upscale social organization, where members can meet with like-minded people, develop friendships and enjoy a nice dinner discussion monthly along with several play parties throughout the year. We’ve structured the group in such a way that all applicants, men and women are vetted prior to being granted membership. 

All applicants must be over 21 years of age. The average demographics of our membership is between 30 and 65 years old. We have married and long-term couples, as well as many single female dominants and male submissives. Some of our members join for the social aspect, others to find a life partner. At no time, is anyone required to participate in any non-negotiated play. Members are expected to participate on a regular basis, in the social events.  Yes, we know it’s impossible to attend each and every event, we all lead such busy lives. Attending play parties only is not allowed, as a social organization, we expect you to socialize with the group.

A membership application must be completed, followed by a telephone interview with the Head Mistress. The application does contain personal information, which is kept strictly confidential within the confines of the Advisory Board. By completing an application and submitting it for review, applicants agree to a criminal background check. Following the background check and telephone interview, an in-person interview may also be required. You will be expected to provide proof of your identity at the in-person interview. Visit the “Contact ClubFEM” page to request an application.

Completing an application and background check, as well as an interview does not automatically guarantee an invite to any ClubFEM® events. Additionally, attendance at a dinner, is not an automatic guarantee for membership. Interested parties must attend at least 2 dinner or social gatherings and be approved by the Advisory Board for membership. Membership may be revoked at any time by a majority vote of the Advisory Board. In order to be considered an active member, we expect participation throughout the year. As stated above, this does not mean you are required to attend every single event, however we do expect to see you at a dinner at least once every quarter. We are very aware that it is impossible to be all places at all times, however if you are going to join this organization, active participation is expected.

One of the core principals of ClubFEM® Southeast Florida is the utmost importance of protecting our members and the integrity of the organization. We value our privacy highly and many of our members have professional lives that they depend on us to protect. We all have vanilla lives and everyone is expected to respect and honor the privacy of this group.  We understand that some might be hesitant giving private information and we respect that. However, our proven method of vetting has provided us with the ability to protect our members and we offer those who wish to join that same level of protection.

As per ClubFEM International By-Laws, membership is open to biological Dominant Women and male submissives only.

Members who do not abide by the rules, are no-shows at events or other infractions may be placed on probation, without notice and invitations to play parties and social events will be revoked until the probation period is over.