To confirm your reservation for any catered ClubFEM Southeast Florida events, payment must be made ahead of time. If you are using a credit or debit card, you do not need a PayPal account to pay through PayPal. If you are using a checking account with PayPal, your payment must be cleared prior to the event. NOTE: Your reservation is not considered confirmed without payment. A RSVP on FetLife does not guarantee you a seat at any event. A verbal RSVP does not guarantee you a seat at any event. Your reservation is not considered confirmed without payment. See PayPal instructions below.

The donation to attend a Private Members only play party is $25 for men and FREE for Dominant Women! Your donations allow us to cover the cost to rent the play space, web hosting and email service. Of course if you wish to donate more, we welcome it, as we do have website hosting, email management to pay for. As with all events, when you log onto PayPal to send money, choose the option “send money to friends and family.”

The cost, for dinner, including tax and gratuity is $35 per person. Payment must be received and cleared by PayPal at least 3 days prior to the event. There is NO-REFUND for no-shows or day of event cancellations, as we must pay the caterer for the number of guests we have promised. The amount that you pay is the exact amount that the caterer is paid. The Gentlemen of our club gladly help to provide appetizers during the cocktail hour for an additional $25 per Gentleman! We definitely have men, who know how to pamper a woman! See PayPal instructions below.

While we understand that sometimes life gets in the way, it is just good manners to notify us when you find that you cannot attend, thus giving someone who may be on a waiting list the opportunity to attend. A tremendous amount of planning, including numerous people goes on behind the scenes in order to organize the wonderful events for our organization. Thank you notes are proper and expected. If you do not show up, you should at least have the courtesy to email the host afterwards and let them know what happened.

NOTE: Repetitive no-shows will be put on probation and will not be invited back until after the next play party.

This is all done on a volunteer basis, no one is getting paid and the club does not profit. ClubFEM was formed to give like-minded individuals an opportunity to join and socialize with others who enjoy a loving female led relationship life. Besides, it is just good manners to RSVP promptly and to notify Head Mistress, Lady Q, of any last minute changes by phone. Not in an email and not through another member.  On the day of an event, email may not even be read, please pick up the phone and call Lady Q or at the very least, send a text.


1. Please go to
2. Click on Send Money.
3. Send your payment to

paypal view jpg

4. Then it is important to click on ‘send money to family or friends’ or you will be expected to cover the fee which PayPal charges, a $5.00 at the door when you arrive. Additionally, please make sure to put your email address (that we know you by) AND name or names in the ‘notes’ section and indicate which event to apply your payment to. If you use a different PayPal email address as opposed to the address you use for ClubFEM, please let us know who you are! Remember to indicate your choice for dinner. Note that the cost for special options at dinners might be higher, this will be indicated in the email that is sent out with dinner details.

5. If you late cancel or do not show up for your reservation, there will be no refund.

6. You will receive a confirmation from PayPal of your payment.

7. The locations, along with specific details for the event will be released only to paid attendees one day prior to the event.

Remember the rules! What happens at ClubFEM stays at ClubFEM! All ClubFEM events, specific details, private information about others who attend, is all information which is expected to be kept strictly confidential! Find Play Party rules HERE